This is our recommended resources page. Here you'll find helpful information with links to other websites, educational materials, corporations, and ministries you might network with.

Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute promotes thoughtful analysis and effective action on local, regional, national and international issues. The Institute is home to an inter-disciplinary community of scholars and policy advocates dedicated to the reinvigoration of traditional Western principles and institutions by linking religious, political, and economic liberty, the judeo-christian culture in intelligent design, economics, technology and education

Marketplace CrossTalk

The starting point for being equipped as a Christian business person is attending CrossTalk. This weekly Bible study group, "with a purpose", is the entry level activity. Here you discover a place to cultivate biblical thinking for biblical life-change. Whether talking about ethics, workaholism, relationships, or principles of job satisfaction, the bottom line is a biblical one. Read More Here.

Focus on the Family

Provides timely, relevant information and advice on marriage, parenting, faith, entertainment, life challenges and social issues, all from a Christian perspective.

Reasons to Believe

The mission of Reasons To Believe is to show that science and faith are, and always will be, allies, not enemies. Their mission is to bring that life-changing truth to as many people as possible, both believers and unbelievers.

Prayer Breakfast Network

Their goal is to reach every city across the USA with a well planned Prayer Breakfast. Their purpose is to reach leaders for Jesus Christ. Their objective is to Pray for all in authority, that we might live Godly lives. Their strategy is to use Prayer Breakfast events. Prayer Breakfasts have shown to be highly effective at reaching into our community and impacting our leaders. Leaders desire to come, get involved and experience a fresh reminder of our country's Spiritual Heritage.

Stand to Reason

Stand to Reason equips Christian ambassadors with knowledge, wisdom, and character. An effective ambassador has three essential skills:
  • Knowledge - an accurate grasp of the foundational precepts of the Kingdom
  • Wisdom - skillful, tactical, fair, and diplomatic use of knowledge
  • Character - a mature expression of virtue, warmth, and personal depth.

  • Wall Builders

    ProFamily Legislative Network serves pro-family legislators and leaders as they enact policies to strengthen America's families and communities. In his work across the nation, David Barton met hundreds of elected officials and grassroots leaders from whom he received scores of requests for assistance with legislative issues on the State level.


    Our aim is to offer the freshest and most compelling biblically-based content to Christians who take seriously their relationship with Christ. is built around four primary content areas – Faith, Family, Fun and Community. Each category is further subdivided into areas of significance to many Christians, including Bible Study, Devotionals, Marriage, Parenting, Music, etc.


    Their mission is to seek the transformation of believers as they apply biblical thinking to all of life, enabling them to transform their communities through the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. BreakPoint provides a Christian perspective on today's news and trends via radio, interactive media, and print.

    As the founder of Breakpoint (Chuck Colson) said: "In an increasingly hostile, secular culture, Christians are faced with issues and choices we've never had to deal with before. BreakPoint is here to help believers of every denominational background develop a robust Christian worldview—seeing, understanding, and engaging the world from a biblical perspective."