About Us

Kitsap Outreach was established in 1985 by a group of local community leaders, incorporated as a Washington State nonprofit corporation on August 12, 1986, and received its 501(c)(3) status on August 18, 1988. Half of the original-founding members, who represented 8 different churches and denominations, have continued to provide leadership for the past 37 years. (See Officers & Board)

The purpose of Kitsap Outreach, Inc. has always been to provide opportunities for the residents of Kitsap County (and beyond) to: 1) establish a personal relationship with God (evangelism); 2) grow and mature in that relationship (discipleship); and 3) develop skills to more effectively fulfill God's purpose for their lives (education).

As a result, the organization has put on community-wide "outreach" events primarily focused on reaching men and women in leadership positions (business, education, political, military, judicial, etc.) in the community. These events have included an annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast, Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinners, and outreach luncheons. In 1997, the Kitsap Outreach Committee invited a group from Clallam County to join them in sharing the speaker for the Prayer Breakfast, and to establish the Clallam County Leadership Breakfast as an annual event. Those breakfasts continued until 2018. This year marks the 36th Annual Kitsap Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

Historically, the leadership of our nation has turned to Almighty God for strength and guidance. In this spirit, Kitsap Outreach inaugurated the Kitsap & Clallam County Leadership Prayer Breakfasts to specifically seek the Lord's guidance and strength as well as to reaffirm our faith and to renew the dedication of our community and ourselves to God and His purposes.

These events, which are organized privately by members of the community, seek to encourage men and women throughout the Olympic Peninsula to recognize their privileges and responsibilities before God.

With the desire to deepen the spiritual life and moral fiber of the people through a leadership led by God, there have been, in all fifty states, similar breakfasts inaugurated by governors, mayors, and other responsible persons.

As a natural outgrowth of such gatherings, many people throughout the world are finding through the teachings, example, and spirit of Jesus of Nazareth ways to build relationships, which can strengthen the family of nations and further the cause of peace and justice.